Australian Business Finance(ABF) are Australia’s leaders in short term business loans and investment finance. We have the experience to work with clients to tailor a suitable short term loan for all business needs. It is an ideal way to obtain quick borrowings for a large variety of reasons.

Short Term Business Loans Melbourne, your experts in Melbourne and Australia wide.




Australian Business Finance is a specialist provider of short term business and Start Up Business. We adopt a tailored approach to each situation  and will consider the entire range of a client’s business assets. Funds must be used predominantly for any business or investment purpose, other than residential investment.


Every business has to face ups and downs in the business, and we understand that funds are the most important factor for the smooth running of your business. GAP securities understand your urgent requirements and have come up with a unique LoDoc & NoDoc loan product.


Over 15 years of experience providing short term business and investment loans to Australians

ABF is Australia’s leading short term business loans and investment finance company with over 15 years’ experience.
We are now happy to introduce our new secured loan product which lends money against cars, boats, art and anything of value with a less than a 24 hour tum around time. Our main objective is to service our client’s with the upmost professionalism and discreetness.

Fast and confidential settlements

At ABF we understand what it is to be in business in today’s financial climate and therefore have introduced the Secured Business Loan Product so you can discreetly borrow some funds for a short time to get you through the little hurdles which have been put in front of us all.

Loans for all investment or business purpose all you need is property security

Australian Business Finance (ABF) is a specialised firm that offers short term business loans melbourne and investment finance solutions to companies that are facing financial difficulties. Our solutions focus on the injection of working capital and/or equity restructure.

We recognise that business doesn’t always perform to expectation and that secured stakeholders can very quickly create a state of distress for directors.  Our business turnaround solutions centre on the immediate restoration of the commercial relationship with the company’s secured stakeholders and regularisation of the company’s business activity all with the view to preventing any extreme creditor action. Our short term business loans melbourne turnaround team has strong expertise in accounting, corporate finance and structuring. Our team will work closely with you and your existing advisers to quickly devise and implement the most appropriate turnaround solution with the view to giving the directors the necessary time and space to realign the company’s business plan and finance strategy to move forward on a strong footing.


Bad Credit history can sometimes limit your chance to get approval for a conventional short term business loan through banks. Even if, you are able to provide complete documentation to support your repayment, you might not be able to acquire required funds through traditional means. Banks are highly concerned about their securities and are not likely to invest in businesses with high risks or having a bad credit history.

How Bad Credit Loan Guaranteed Approval works?
Simply filling out an online application form can help you receive a solution for your requirements. Complete the form mentioning your exact business requirements and the security against which you would be filling an application. Our friendly staff member will contact you with a solution.

    • Your assets, such as, machinery, motor vehicle or real estate, can be used as security for your loan approval.
    • You can use the funds to pay off mortgages, manage capital purchases or invest in any real estate

We are specialist in providing  

Fast 24 Hour Settlements

Fast and Easy!  Pre-approval in minutes.
We provide quick and easy approval within few hours of receiving your application for a short term business loan

Bad Credit Business Finance Is Our Speciality

Bad Credit Considered? bad credit may not be an issue for us, we believe you deserve and chance.  We specialize in considering cases with ad credit . We understand your situations and need for urgent cash in your business process and thus, bad credit should not hurdle your requirements for short term business loans.

We Don’t Penalise People Not Having Perfect Credit

We are not one of the traditional lenders, so we do not demand a heap of documents to support your application. In the case of bad credit you can use your assets or your real estate to apply for a quick cash-flow. Talk to the Melbourne team today and discuss your needs.


Recently, I was introduced to Aaron from Australian Business Finance from Melbourne in relation to my short term business loans enquiry in relation to my business. Aaron’s diligence, care and customer service has again shone through. Due to the complexity of my businesses and investments, I’m not the easiest person to get finance for. When many others would have walked, Aaron stood up! The loan was obtained and settled in 24 Hours and my net wealth rose again due solely to Aaron’s ability to drag and kick the finance through the goals. Thank you!!!

Stuart Willson
Stuart Willson (Director) Victorian Property Services and Finance

We are writing to thank you for all your help, particularly in respect of my husband’s recent ill health, and are happy to share our story with others.
Being self-employed we needed to assess our situation in the “unlikely event of either one of us becoming ill or injured”. We had realised that our current insurance policy didn’t cover us adequately and enlisted the help of Basic Finance to find a solution to keep our business afloat. All was done and settled in h 48 hours.

Sarah McKinnon
Sarah McKinnon Director of Recruitment Agency, QLD

We would like to sincerely thank you for your efforts to help us with our lending proposition. As always, you handled the situation in a most professional manner and we really did appreciate the time and effort you put in.We will recommend your services to all our friends and colleagues.

Jan Daison
Jan DaisonQLd Accountant