Why Don’t You Get No Doc Mortgages from Australia Business Finance Melbourne?

Is this your first time getting a No Doc Mortgage Melboune loan?

I know how you feel.  You want to get a Mortgage from a trusted lender and it should be safe and fast.

At Australia Business Finance, We will consider each and every application on its own merits.

Do I qualify for a No Doc Mortgage Melbourne loan?

Self- employed?

Are you running a small business?  Do you need a little room for your business finance? We know that every business has its ups and downs. You know you are confident to pay back your mortgage but no bank is interested in your application? You can talk to us. We have over 15 years experiences and can help you out.

Bad credit?

Bad credit rating, past or present credit issues, discharged or bankrupt.

If you are familiar with those terms, you found the right place. We will consider your application and hopefully give you some good news!

Sole trader?

If you have registered your ABN for 12months or less and are not able to provide tax returns and assessment notices or full financials to the bank, why don’t you talk to us. We can share our tips and help you to complete our No Doc Mortgage application.