Every business has to face ups and downs in the business, and we understand that funds are the most important factor for the smooth running of your business. Australian Business Finance understands your urgent requirements and have come up with a unique No Doc Mortgages & No Doc loan product.

Loans for Self Employed

If you are a small business owner or self-employed during the course of time and unsteady incomes, you might have faced many issues in your business processes. Our No Doc Mortgages loan product is specially designed for self-employed who are unable to provide a steady income statement and thus, fail to get a loan through banks. If you have started a new business or are working as your own boss, there would be situations you need urgent cash-flows. If you are thinking to approach a bank then, you might have to face a denial, as they consider self-employed risky borrowers.

No Doc Mortgages Loans with Bad Credit

Having a bad credit or defaults is one of the major reasons that will affect your loan application. We at Australian Business Finance networking with many private lenders, who provide bad credit loans, can help you get the loan settlement fast. No Doc Mortgages Loans are short term loans and borrowers can utilize the loan amount to expand their existing businesses.

Documents required at the time of application

No Doc Mortgages as the name suggest is a loan product that requires minimum documentation to process the loan application. The basic documents required are as follows:

Income Declaration

A signed income declaration is must to represent your current earnings, so that the lender is able to analyse your repayment options.

Registered Business name and ABN

to prove that you have a registered business .

Your business statements

we understand that being self-employed you would not have a steady business statement but from the past statements we can analyse your cash-flows and would better assist you with a perfect solution.

No Doc Mortgages loans are the best solution for self-employed to acquire funds easy and fast without any hassle. So do not wait any more! Fill out our online application form and one of our analysts will contact you with a solution best to match your requirements.

Key Feature

        • Minimum Loan Amount $20,000 to $5 Million
        • Max LVR 80%
        • Loan Term 90 Days – 12/24/36 Months
        • Acceptable security: Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Land, Specialized securities
        • Loan Type: Interest Only

Note : This Facility is not offered to consumers who seek to use the funds for purposes to which the National Consumer Credit Code and/or National Consumer Credit Protection Act may apply. The Facility may only be used for business purposes or for investment purposes (for investments other than investments in residential property.) If the Facility is intended to used for investments in residential property, or any other purposes, including but not limited to domestic, personal or household purpose, you should not apply for this Facility.